What’s up?

Just a few updates, and a review, from a busy sucky blogger! 

1. Work is so busy. We have a new computer system that went live March 30…I have so much to do to get all my cases up to date in the new system, and barely know how to do it. So that’s kept me busy. 

2.  It’s Easter weekend. After years of hating Easter weekend (a 4 day weekend for me, but Adam works 3 days and I’m solo parenting) this year it’s been fine. I actually checked and it’s been a few years since my once yearly Easter whine! Amazing how time flies and kids get older. This year I was even able to leave them alone and get out (Friday) for a little run. They are just starting to stay home alone (daylight hours, with me close to home, 30 minutes or so)…and it certainly does make tax season easier for this mom! See how I’m running again? I gotta, SL10K is coming up! Sponser me here! I’m up to 4-5km runs.

3. My supplement (Himalaya stresscare) seems to be helping a lot! I’m feeling less stressed and anxious, and sleeping quite a bit better. My weight is also improving. I waited a week to weight myself after the 3lb gain (I know, shoulda waited longer) and they were gone, along with one more pound. That was last Monday, so I’ll  see what the work scale says Tuesday. I don’t feel like I’m still gaining and the pants and top I wore last night both haven’t been worn since the fall (before I started really noticing weight gain) and they both fit fine! 

A review

After about a year of committed Vinylux use, I decided to try L’Oreal Infallible polish. It had good reviews and boasted 12 days of chip free shine. I got it in Iconic Indigo. 

The good: a pretty purple that went on easily, covered in 2 coats, and dried fast. 

The bad: here is my left hand after only 3 days….and I did some touch ups yesterday! I guess it’s back to Vinylux for me! 


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