Yummy weekend eats 

I spent some time in the kitchen this weekend!

The first new recipe I tested  was these chocolate coconut cookies. I know they look a little bit like charcoal…but they are very tasty. I could only eat two of them (an hour apart) before they became a bit too rich and  chocolatey for me…eat sparingly. I think if I make them again, I will leave out the chocolate chips!

Next I tried this crispy peanut tofu recipe. I didn’t end up using cauliflower rice, because I seem to of misplaced my grater over Passover! I used regular basmati rice, but next time I will try the cauliflower. The tofu came out incredible! The sauce is so yummy I kinds sorta wanted to just drink it. Actually I did. No I didn’t. No picture! 

The last thing I made were these Peanut butter balls. I subbed of the rolled oats for oat flour to give it a bit of a denser consistency. They were delicious! I do recommend keeping them in the freezer. They don’t really need the sprinkles and chocolate chips, you could use just one and they would still be yummy! 



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