Darker. Much. 

After years of having red hair, I decided it was a time for a change recently. I’ve just been getting tired of the brassy red. I love my hair when I first color it, and it is a deep aubrurn, but It quickly fades into a bright copper that I’m starting to get annoyed by.I don’t really care if the red is completely obliterated, but copper anymore. Here is and edited picture that shows the look I had in mind. 


 First I tried a dark mahogany brown, to no discernse effect. So I spoke to a hairdresser friend of mine, to find out the best way to get rid of most of the road, and whether or not I would have to strip the color (If I did have to strip the color, I probably wouldn’t, it’s not worth that damage). She suggested that I go with a dark ash brown. So I stopped at the drugstore and picked up Garnier Nutresse in the darkest Ash brown. The results: 

Wow! I’m kind of blown away. My natural hair color is brown, and I have done a lot of different shades of red and blonde over the years, but I have never ever ever had anything close to black hair. I always assumed it would look horrible on me. I don’t think it does though. In the light, you can see some glimmers of blue and violet(If I had read the reviews first, I would have known to expect the blue, which most people seem to hate but I don’t mind, it is subtle and fun) and would have also realized it is considered a “black” not a “brown”. I don’t love it, but it is certinaly and change and I don’t diskile it not is it bothering me enough to try and alter or correct it. I’m also assuming it will fade a little bit, and not be quite so strikingly dark.


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