New stuff 

There are two things I have been craving recently, one of them is a cream handbag, and one of them is a fringe handbag. So when I saw this bag on Hautelook, for 70 something dollars, I knew I had to have it!

When the bag arrived, I was very disappointed to see that it was actually tan/beige , and not cream. I have a couple tan handbags already, and did not really want another one (even though I don’t really like or use the ones I have very much anymore!) I got all ready to return it, then decided to keep it. It really is cute, and this color is probably more versatile anyway!

I also recently got my first pair at Payless in years! I used always were a Payless, but over the years I didn’t like the quality and comfort and meanwhile the prices were going up, and I started switching to buying better shoes, wherever I could get them for a good deal. I do, however, continue to buy my kids Payless shoes. They both love to have loads  of shoes, so I get them a mixture of good ones and inxpensive ones. A few weeks ago we were at Payless during the buy one get one half off sale, Charlotte found one pair of shoes she wanted, Zoë didn’t, and I decided it wouldn’t hurt to take a peek at the women shoes. I was pleased to find bees, because I had actually been looking for something like this! I have worn them a few times, and they are quite comfortable. Obviously, they are not comfortable for a long day of walking, but for a regular workday where I am in and out of my desk or car, they are great. I have also gotten lots of compliments on them, my most high-end colleague notice them yesterday. Maybe it’s because they are from the Christian Siriano line!


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