Sporting life 10k, take 5

I ran sporting life 10k Sunday. It was my worst 10k ever by about 6 minutes. I was pretty hard on myself but I’m over it now. My time doesn’t change that I got up early and ran 10k, and fund-raised for a great event.

As for why I was so slow, I think a few things went “wrong”:
-it was a tough spring to train due to weather and other personal stuff that kept me indoors a lot. 
-my gps hasn’t been working well. I stopped using it a few weeks ago and just mapped my route afterwards. I think (know) not watching my time and distance while running has slowed me down.
-I did the race alone. I used to race alone the time, but haven’t in years. I think knowing I’ll meeting somebody at the finish line has pushed me in previous races.
-it was sunny, hot and humid.
-I just don’t run like I used to anymore. I run easier; I don’t care if I walk a bit. I don’t push myself hard enough to feel awful while running or lightheaded when I stop. Maybe those are good things (they do make my runs more pleasant, and as far as I know do not hurt the health benefits any) but my speed does take a hit…so I have to accept that if I want to run easier, I’ll also be running slower.

Anyways, I had a little one day pity party over my sad time (1:11, I usually do a 10k around 1:04-1:05), and am over it now. I’m registered for RBC Run for the ids 15k in September (remember last year, when I got food poisoning 2 days before the race? This year I plan to actually do it!), and may also do a fall 5k with Zoe. I haven’t decided yet if I will keep up my current “easy” running style (who knows maybe I would do another half if I keep this up) or push myself like I used to…but either way, I am not quitting!


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