I love necklaces! I wear a necklace every single day! About half the time it is my favorite pearl necklace, the other half it is something different depending on the outfit. Deciding what necklace I wear is one of my favorite parts of my morning routine!

Recently though, I’ve realized that I need an extremely simple unobtrusive short necklace. For those outfits were absolutely none of my necklaces seem to work and that probably doesn’t need a necklace, but I just feel “undone” without one. Something like this perhaps? I’ve been keeping my eyes open for such a thing.

 Then, over the weekend, I went on vacation with some relatives. Over dinner, I noticed that my sister-in-law was wearing a
simple short gold chain, without any pendant or adornment. It looked very elegant, and caught my attention.

I returned home, and while going through my jewellery noticed that I have a short delicate simple silver chain that I never use. I had bought it online, not realizing how short or delicate it was. It did not work with any of my pendants, because they are all too heavy and/or sit at the wrong spot.

Remembering my sister-in-law’s simple gold chain, I tried it. I’m very pleased! It’s the perfect necklace for those tops that don’t really seem to go with any necklace! 



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