Revlon Colourstay Gel Envy

After over a year of faithful Vinylux usage,  I’ve started trying something new (because Vinylux is pricey, unless I order online…and even then it ain’t cheap! $13cad in stores, $7-8usd online). I was perusing the polishes and noticed the Revlon Colourstay Gel Envy polishes and top coat were on sale for $5, so (after a peek at reviews) I grabbed 2 colours and 2 topcoats. I tried it Monday and so far so good: 

That is 5 days of wear (shade is “up the ante” with no touch ups. Pretty impressive, right? They apply nicely (but need two coats) and dry pretty quickly. They are a but smaller than Vinylux (11.7 ml, Vinylux is 15) but since they tend to dry out, that shouldn’t matter, its not like I ever finish a jar of nail polish before it is too dry and globby to use!  I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them again, especially on sale! 

As an update, the Loreal polish I tried in April is okay but dries up super fast. I got two sets and both are no longer usable. Fail. 


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