sugar free? sugar less? less sugar!

Over the past week I have been participating in a 5 day clean eating challenge in a facebook group. Basically eating no processed foods, no added sugar, no refined carbs, no alcohol, etc. Lots of protein, fruits and veggies.

I didn’t talk about it, because I wasn’t sure I would do it, but I did. It wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought, and I felt great.

I think it was good for me, and although I have no desire to be a 100% clean eater (I value moderation and balance in most things, including diet) I do hope to keep up some of the habits I started.

I definitely plan to continue to have a breakfast that is high in protein and low in sugar, as opposed to in the past…where my breakfast was always something sweetened, usually either yogurt or kefir (then a morning snack of fruit a few hours later). Nothing horribly wrong with sweetened yogurt or kefir, as a sometimes treat, but it’s definitely not something I should be eating every day as a staple of my diet. This week I’ve either been having one egg with a sprinkle of cheese, or plain unsweetened yogurt with some fruit, and I plan to keep that up! I bought some plain unsweetened Kefir today, I’ll test it tomorrow.

As well, I plan to continue to use a splash of milk in my coffee…maybe working towards drinking black…instead of those disgusting fat free coffee whiteners I’ve been addicted to for years. I’ve always wanted to get off them (just buying them embarrasses me, not for the sugar but the fact that I think they are somebody’s science project, super processed), but they just tasted so good! Forcing myself to not have them for a week has helped.

Lastly, this week I broke the habit of eating near daily protein bars to fill up. Sugar is the second ingredient! They are good for me to have around for days I have nothing to eat (I’m a social worker…a gluten intolerant vegetarian sometimes I get trapped on the road unexpectedly with literally nothing to eat, and I can buy them at any drugstore!) but should not be a daily filler in my diet. I’ve been drinking more water, and haven’t needed it.

Besides these things, there really isn’t an off a lot of added sugar or other junk in my diet, I do usually throw some honey, maple syrup or peanut butter into a lot of my marinades and sauces…I probably won’t change that, although maybe I will try to use a little less? Since I am gluten intolerant and rarely buy processed gluten free foods except clean organic ones (like seeds of change rice packs), I’m good there.

Interestingly, even though it was not a huge change to my diet, I went below my calorie limit on MFP every day I did it, and was not overly hungry. Many days, I did not finish the bag of fruit and veggies I brought to work to munch on.

I’m hoping some of the changes that this five days has encouraged me to make will help me get those 15lbs or so back off and keep them off for good!

I’m am looking forward a glass of wine tomorrow night (which was not a change because I only have wine on weekends… and nobody can drag out if my cold dead hands!)


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