Stuff going on 

I know. It’s been a long long time. Oh well, life is like that.
Some updates:
1. I hide lost 6lbs since my sugar detox. I’m so happy, my clothing is fitting better and if I stay like this Im very pleased (though ideally I’ll lose 5-10 more pounds to get close to my ideal again). It’s pretty amazing how quickly and easily I adjusted to less added sugar and less sweetness in general. Yesterday I stopped at Starbucks to get some teacher’s gifts, and decided to get a iced skinny vanilla latte. It’s sugarfree, but I’m sure it’s got crappy sweeteners in it, so I asked for half sweet. It still tasted way too sweet! I don’t know how I drank them with the full amount of syrup!

2. I have a new favourite recipe site, vegan stoner. The recipes are quick, easy and tasty. I made peanut stew last night and it was so awesome!

3. I continue to experiment with layering necklaces. 4 layered silver chains today, I think it looks great!

4. I’m reading a book called The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah. It is a historical fiction set in occupied France during WWII and incredible.


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