Wonderful weekend

It’s been a couple really rough weeks. My client passed on July 6, the week before (palliative care) and after were brutal. It still isn’t easy…but it was time, she is at peace, and the waiting-she was sick for over 2 years, terminal for just over 1 year-is over…so it’s easier. Sometimes. 

Anyways, I needed something good. This weekend was! It was the weekend we headed to Camp to visit Zoë. The drives were great, weather was great, and she was great. Some pics from camp:

After our visit we stayed at a motel in Haliburton. Nothing special but we always love the area. Pics from our evening: 

yes i did get new shades

This morning I went for a little run. Running when out of town is always a pleasure to me…but it was tough this morning. Hot and humid, no breakfast or coffee before I headed out. Not a great run, but some nice views:

Then, about 3/4 of the way,  I saw some large dogs in my path. Just as I was starting to decide if I was going to change route or not, they started walking across the road and it became clear what I was really seeing:

Deer! They were so beautiful. When I got back to the motel and showed Lotte the picture, her eyes got huge and she said “mommy, you saw baby giraffes”!

Then, I realized this happened:

Oh well! After a lovely breakfast at a restaurant that serves gluten-free toast, we headed home. The drive was great, and I feel relaxed after a little weekend away and time with both my girls!


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