Summer style and size update!

This summer, one really good thing this happened, and that is that the changes I’ve made to try to get my weight back under control have paid off. I am now back to my ideal size and weight! Here are some pictures of my summer style and size!
I know, I’m not skinny, but I’m 10 pounds less than I was at the beginning of the year, and I’m proud of that! I don’t aim for skinny, I aim to be fit and healthy and a size that I feel looks good on me. I’m very glad to be back there, and hope this time it will stick around longer than a year and a half. Hopefully the next while will be a bit less stressful for me, and I will be a bit less prone to getting it back. We are going to BlueMountain in a few weeks, and I’m excited to be the same size I was when we went last year! Going to the Bahamas in May a bit bigger wasn’t the worst thing in the world, not nearly as traumatic as I thought it would be, but I’m still excited to be back where I like to be for our next lvacation. 

As for how I did it, I talked about it a bit in past posts, but here it is: 

1. I reduced my stress and anxiety and started sleeping better, to bring down my cortisol levels. I’m pretty sure these were the biggest reasons that I gained this weight back in the first place, because I actually did not stop the healthy habits that got me there in the first place.  I did this with meditation, relaxation apps on my iPhone, and a supplement called stresscare. Although there have been some bad periods, for the most part I am sleeping 7 1/2 to 8 hours a night consistently. For March 2014, it was more like 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 hours, so it’s definitely an improvement!

I will actually be starting a new position in September, for nine months. I suspect this position will have its own stresses, but probably be a lot less emotionally overwhelming than what I’ve been doing for nine years…which will hopefully be good for my emotional health as well as my career. 
2. I reduced my added sugar significantly. I kept track of this on myfitnesspal. I have used myfitnesspal forever, and I did not change my calorie goals at all, but I did commit to using less added sugar, and upping my protein. The most significant changes I made were cutting out sweetened coffee whitener, switching my protein bars to ones with 5 g of sugar or less (I love simply bars that have 1 g of protein, but I also eat the kind bars that have 5 g, because simply are a bit harder to find! Before this, I was mostly eating kind bars, but ones that had 8 to 10 g of fat I love simply bars that have 1 g of protein and are very filling), switching from sweetened yogurt/kefir to plain, and eating a high-protein breakfast of cheese and eggs or plain Greek yogurt every morning (I eat fruit as a midmorning snack).   Because I did not actually change how much food I was eating, it wasn’t really hard once I committed to the changes I did make. I’ve lost much of my sweet tooth, and I’m hoping that these changes are ones that I will be able to maintain for a long time! (I don’t say forever, because I am sure at one point in my life, I will decide I just don’t care anymore! Maybe when I’m 80?)

3. I got a fitbit. To be honest I’m not sure how much that changed my habits since I was fit and active before I got the fitbit, and have kept up my regular workouts including running, spinning, Weight training and yoga. However, I certainly do push myself to take enough steps every day to meet my goal. That’s easy to do on running days, on days I don’t run it’s a bit of a challenge, and I have been known to pace around my lower level for the last 10 minutes or so before bed! 


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