Back at blue

since we had such an awesome time at BlueMountain last summer, we decided to go back this year. There were some good things, and some not so good::
Good:I was back to the same weight I was last summer, I already told you guys this, but it bears repeating! Not only that, but I actually look a lot more toned. I guess that is because of the weightlifting I’ve been doing, and also the sugar avoidance. I’ve heard excess  sugar can lead to bloating, and it seems true. Check out these bikini pics. Same weight on the scale, but I look so much tighter and more toned:

2. The food. Once again, BlueMountain prove to be an excellent place for a gluten intolerant vegetarian! Everywhere had gluten-free and veggie options, I enjoyed nachos, poutine, some delicious salads, and two grilled cheese sandwiches!

3. Challenging myself. We climbed up meant BlueMountain twice, once straight up and once through a path, and Zoe and I actually hiked back down (and got lost!). One of the climbs we did on our own, while Adam and Charlotte played minigolf, and we took the gondola down on our own. Considering last year Zoe and I could barely get onto the gondola without crying, it was quite a triumph.

4. Another challenge. We also did the low ropes course again, but this year instead of doing the low  loop twice, we went up to the higher loop. That was pretty high for both Zoë and I, who are not fans of heights, and we were both very proud of ourselves! See how high we were?

5. The exercise. In spite of my horrible eating, I gained no weight while I was there. If I wondered if all the swimming and climbing I did was good enough exercise, it clearly was. Besides the lack of weight gain, I woke up this morning hurting everywhere. Not bad hurting, good “used my muscles a lot recently” hurting.  That said, I am looking forward to getting back to my usual routine (ran 4 miles this morning), as well as my usual fruit and vegetable filled diet.
Not so good:

1. I didn’t zip line. I’ve been telling myself for months that this summer I would be able to do it, that I was strong enough and able to challenge myself enough. I even participated in the fearless challenge, but I didn’t raise enough money that I was forced to do it. Anyway, I tried to make myself do it several times, I even went up ready to do it, but every time I chickened out.  I just couldn’t, I had a full-blown panic attack just going up there. I’m very angry at myself for not being able to overcome this fear.

2. Money. Damn is it expensive there. We got a good deal on the room, and we got active passes, but it seems this year the active passes did not include the same things as last year…most notably the low ropes course, we did it twice, which cost us almost $200!

A few more pics:

And that’s it, we are home, and I’m happy to say I have two weeks off work still, so lots more summer left to enjoy!


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