Climb the mountain


Everytime I see this it makes me think about social media.  The way we now share everything we do with everybody. When we go out, where we go, with who, what we wore, how far we ran, what we ought, where we travelled, etc…etc. I do it too. 

But I hate it. Because really, who cares? Do people really care so much about what we are doing, who we are doing it with and how we look when we do it? No. Well…maybe our moms and distant relatives do. But most people don’t. We don’t really post for others. We post for ourselves. To be seen. To show how awesome and busy and fun and popular and great looking we are. Usually, it’s barely real (not that we lie, but how much don’t we post? The bad pictures they create double chins, the boring weekends without plans, the times we go out but bicker and fight or ignore our families and look at our phones all day? This stuff is all part of our lives too).  It seems, often, that people are living to post what they do…instead of living for the experiences themselves. 

I struggle with this. I don’t want to buy into this. I don’t want to turn my FB into a place to brag and show off my family and all our fun (and pretend all the other stuff doesn’t exist) instead of simply to connect with  people.  But what if I don’t? Then what? Do people think we’re boring? Have no friends? Never have fun? Never go out?  I’d hate for people to think that of us (and I don’t know why they would. I don’t think it of less active facebookers…I just think “they don’t share much on Facebook”). 

So I share. All the fun, flattering pictures and check ins. I try to temper it by also sharing some real too…posting the first pic I took instead of the best one on occasion, sharing the days we don’t have plans and wish we did (sometimes asking on FB of anybody wants to do anything), venting about the rough stuff (but trying not to too often…don’t want to seem too negative). 

But still, I have a lingering discomfort with the way social media leads us to share things we never would have before, and how we all seem to be living for an audience these days. 

How about my readers? How do you feel about the ways we share our lives on Facebook and other social media today? Do you think much about how others share? Do you worry what they think of you based on what you share? 


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