On Yom Kippur, I talked about my desire to become more plant-based. It’s interesting that I’ve been thinking about that for a couple months, and watching some documentaries and reading some articles that really made me question eating dairy and eggs, both ethically and healthwise.
I actually replaced all of my milk with cashew milk just a couple weeks before I found the lump. #psychic? 

Since shit started getting real, I have gone completely plant-based. That’s right, no cheese! Some my very favorite recipes have been vegan for a while, now expect that they all will be! 

I share this on Facebook this morning, and wish to share it with my blog readers as well: 

I know some people are concerned about my recent decision, for health and ethical reasons, to stop eating dairy and eggs. Please don’t be! There are many healthy vegans, and many studies correlating cancer and animal products (dairy in particular). Since I’ve been vegetarian for the most part for a very long time, I think most of you know that I certainly do not push this on others. People can eat what they want and I don’t try to change that! But please be assured that I am keeping an eye on my diet (my days of eating nothing but pasta and French fries and calling myself a vegetarian are far behind me!) and do intend to eventually see a dietitian to make sure that my nutritional needs are being met during my treatment (and beyond). If you’re interested in learning about the various studies regarding health and animal based diets, please consider watching “forks over knives” in Netflix, or reach out to me to share some articles.

Here’s an interesting article, both about how vegans can get their nutrition, and linking to some studies that support a plant based diet. 

I’ve began to stock up my freezer with healthy meals, because I know the time will be coming soon when it will be hard for me to cook. Things are a bit available right now while I wait for the biopsy and the results, and life feels almost normal, but I know once I got the results, that’s going to change quickly! I don’t want my family or myself to live on pasta (however I do not doubt we will have some of that!)

I made a double batch of this Egyptian red lentil soup today, one for the fridge to eat over the next week, another for the freezer.  It’s absolutely delicious!



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