Last weekend, we went with a couple of our friends to an escape room. We went to iescaped in North York.

The premise is that you get 45 minutes to press a button. To press said button, you have to find and solve clues to open a series of lock boxes containing further clues, and keys. 

The first 10 minutes or so we’re very frustrating. We were trying to randomly figure out the combinations to 3 lock boxes…and random was useless. Once we figured out the clues to opening the first one (with a little help from the friendly staff) it got a lot more fun, because let’s face it, failing at random combinations is not fun!

We did eventually press the button, but it took just over an hour (nobody was booked in the room after us, so we got a little extra time). 

It costs about $25 a person. I’m not sure I would pay that but there are loads of deals for different ones in the area, and I would totally suggest it for a fun night out. Some of them are more suited to kids than others, but I enjoyed it as an adults night out!

I wouldn’t recommend it for anybody that is claustrophobic, because we were in a small dark room. That said, you aren’t actually locked in, you can open the door at any time! 


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