I finally had my surgery yesterday, lumpectomy and sentinel lymph node biopsy as planned. 

It was not fun. I had to be at the hospital at 7am to have dye injected into the tumor (to see what lymph nodes needed to be removed) and then wait around for 4 hours until surgery. Adam, my brother in law and my parents kept me entertained…but it was still a long wait and I was tired and hungry and headachy. 

Surgery was fine. Waiting outside the OR on the gurney was a bit anxiety provoking, especially because I heard the woman before me wake up and started vomiting and moaning. They assured me that even though you are woken up in the OR for and it’s pretty awful, you go right back to sleep and you actually don’t remember that part, and wake up again calm in the recovery room. 

Going into the operating room was also stressful, they had a bit of trouble getting the IV in and had to try twice, and it hurt, and just being under all the lights and the machines and hearing them talk about it. Once the IV got in, and they started the sedative, I fell asleep pretty quickly, and did not wake up until I was in the recovery room. If I woke up in the OR vomiting and moaning, I don’t know anything about it! They said most people don’t throw up, and it certainly didn’t smell like I did. 

The surgeon did not have much to say, but whatever she did say was good. She said there were no surprises, and the tumor was quite small as it had looked on at the ultrasound. Felt that she got clear margins. She didn’t know how many she had taken, but the nurse was able to check the computer and said 2 were removed. I go back to the surgeon on December 9, she will look over my incisions and make sure I’m healing well then, and I will also get the results from pathology. 

I was able to come home a few hours later, and feeling surprisingly good. A bit woozy and dizzy, but my incisions aren’t bad. They do hurt, but pain relief and icing is helping them. I was actually up until around 11 PM last night, I’m not sure how I stayed up so long, maybe the caffeine in the Tylenol 3s was impacting me! 

As for today, I can’t believe how good I am feeling this morning! The incisions still hurt, but nothing unbearable, I am already just taking extra strength Tylenol. The range of movement in my right arm is OK, in spite of the underarm incision. I’m a bit tired, but no worse than I would feel if I had a  cold or something, didn’t eat much yesterday and I suspect with my blood sugar is back up, I will feel fine. 

I know that I won’t always feel this good, there are still going to be some tough times ahead of me, I will probably need chemo and definitely need radiation. But right now, I’m just relieved to be on the other side of surgery, that that lump is out of me, and that I am not feeling awful!


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