Results are in…

I went for my post-op today and got pathology results as well. 

The good:
1. I am healing well from surgery. No problems with anything and I’ve been giving the all clear for anything that doesn’t hurt. 

2. Clear margins and no sign of vascular or lymphatic involvement around the removed tumour. I’m done with surgery for now! 

3. Tumour was indeed very small, 1.2 cm x 8 mm. 

4. The tumour is hormone receptive. That’s good news because such cancer tends to respond better to treatment. 

The not so good: 
1. The tumour was grade 2. Not awful, but I’d rather a 1! 

2. 2 Lymph nodes were taken. One had a 2.5mm metastasis. That means it is more likely to have spread. Not super duper likely (because only one lymph node was positive, and it was the very closest one) but likely enough to be scary. 

3. I’m still waiting for one more pathology result (her2). 

What’s next: 
1. Meeting oncologist on December 14. 

2. Chest and abdominal and bone scans on December 18 to ensure it hasn’t spread to any of these areas. 

3. Chemotherapy. 

4. Radiation therapy. 

5. Tamoxifen.  

I guess I’m OK. I’m still glad to be through surgery (and pleased that they got out everything they should have), and I’m not really surprised by any of these results, right from the start I suspected lymph node  involvement, even though I hoped I was wrong. The first ultrasound showed a little something there, so, it just wasn’t surprising.  I don’t really care about any of the treatment I need (I’m not looking forward to chemo, but I know I can get through it, and I will rock an awesome wig), I just hope that it hasn’t spread, and hope that all the treatment I need means that it will not recur. I never want to go through this again. 

I’m definitely feeling a bit depressed by these results. They’re not awful at all, but they are not as hopeful as I had hoped for. 

Also, even though I am glad that I’m getting tested to make sure it hasn’t spread, I know that it’s going to be hard to wait for those results. 

I’m sure I’ll perk up in time though. No choice! Everything gets easier, right? 


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