What to do 

Everybody is asking what they can do for me. The truth is, if you ask me “what can I do?”,  I’ll probably say “nothing”. I’m very independent and don’t like asking for things. Also, I’m scared of I really say what would help…it will be too much or something you don’t want to do, and put you in an uncomfortable position. It’s easy to just say “nothing”. But I’ve given thought to what would help because I know some people really do want to help. So here are some ideas: 

1. Don’t forget us. I’m super social. That hasn’t changed. Invite me (and my family when appropriate) to whatever. If I’m not up to it or unable to come I’ll let you know, but maybe I will be, and I’ll be glad to be thought of! 

2. Invite my kids to anything and everything. I want them to have fun and be happy and occupied as much as possible. 

3. Food. I’m certainly scared how my family will be fed when I cannot cook. Yes Adam can cook…but pretty simple stuff, and he’ll have enough to take care of during the times I’m not up to much. If you are making something vegan and gluten free (me) or vegetarian (the rest of my family eats gluten, dairy and eggs, also meat of its kosher) and there are leftovers, offer them. I’ll likely accept! 

4. Gifts. I’m  not sure exactly what will make chemo easier for me yet, but sure pretty scarves and beanies will be well used! 

5. Gift cards. We don’t need a gofundme here. Luckily I have sick time and good benefits, and we are in Canada with good healthcare so unless something unexpected happens, no dire straits here. But there will still be lots of extra expenses (hospital parking, head coverings, non-prescription medical stuff, I’m saving for an iPad for all the chemo time and waiting rooms) and I want to do lots of fun family stuff whenever we can. I’m scared to spend money on anything extra these days “just in case”, so gift cards for Walmart, Shoppers, Claire’s or Ardene (for scarves, hats and bandanas), movies and restaurants would certainly help out. 

Nobody has to do anything (but stay in touch) listed to be a good friend to me and my family during the challenging times ahead, but if you want to, there is is. The answer to the question I’m most asked these days! 


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