Wig shopping

Breast cancer, the gift that just keeps giving!

In one very small silver lining, it has untapped a new world of shopping for me.

If I have to lose my hair, I’m going to have awesome wigs and head coverings. No wig that looks just like my hair for me! I’m going to work this!

Here are some pictures of some I’ve looked at online, and some pictures of me trying on some wigs (but no pics of the 2 I got, thos can be a surprise to keep you coming back!). Obviously my everyday wigs (I hear a lot of women don’t wear them often because the scalp is too sensitive. I hope that doesn’t happen to me but if it does I have a closet full of scarves) are pretty natural looking, but I am planning on buying some inexpensive funky ones too.

OK I may have already bought some inexpensive funky ones! 






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