Out with 2015…10 Good Things That Happened

At the end of every year since 2012 or so (it all started with that car accident, one thing after another ever since!), I’ve said “well, that year sucked”. That’s too bad, but I’m not gonna lie, I have had some bad luck over the last few years. Particularily at work and with my family. This year, it’s personal! 2015 brought with it several serious medical situations (3 hosptal admissions) in my family, the loss of my beloved client, putting down Princess, and my own diagnosis with breast cancer. So I can’t really say that 2015 was better than the last few years!

But some good things have happened:

1. I ran the RBC run for the kids 15 km race, which was my longest run since 2012!

2. I resumed my friendship with a close friend who I stopped being friends with at the end of 2014. Things aren’t the same, and they probably shouldn’t be, but I am glad to have her and her family back in my life. I have also spent more time with friends that I really like, and become much closer with some other people. A big goal for me this year was to improve my social circle, and I have done that! That makes me so happy to be surrounded by people that are fun and supportive, and I hope I bring something to them as well.

3. I have gone vegan. This is something that I’ve been playing around with my head for a long time, because I don’t like the way animals for dairy and eggs are treated. I started making some baby steps towards that late in the summer and early in the fall, and when I found the lump it felt like the decision was made for me!Although  eating at home is easy, it can be difficult to eat out and to socialize, and sometimes I feel like it makes it more difficult for my friends and family. That said, it is a small price to pay for feeling so much better about the way I eat. I am so glad that after years of on and off vegetarianism, I have taken this step. 

4. I have maintained my 2010 weight loss, which is a goal for me every year, and (even lost 10 pounds that I gained earlier in the year during a stressful time)and no, I did not lose it because of the cancer. I lost it before we went to BlueMountain this summer, because of my own hard work!).

5. I took Zoe to see Taylor Swift, which was amazing for both of us!

6. We took our first out of country family vacation in years, and enjoyed a beautiful long weekend in the Bahamas.

7. I ziplined. That bears repeating. I ZIPLINED!!!!!

8. I competed for, obtained, and began a contract position at work. I’m there until the end of March, and I absolutely love the position and what I’m doing!

9. Zoë had her Bat Mitzvah. She worked so hard and did so amazing! The party that followed was perfect, she had an amazing time with her friends, and we had an amazing time with our loved ones, who we believe also enjoyed ourselves! It was the perfect evening!

10. I’ve learned just how tough I am. I remember when my client got cancer, she was so strong and “normal”, and I told my friend that if it was me I would be curled up in a fetal ball in the corner until it was over. Guess I was wrong! Although I certainly do have my fetal ball moments (and I don’t share them all) I really am OK. I’m not faking it. When I sing and dance in the kitchen when I’m cooking, it’s real. When I laugh with my friends and family, it’s real. When I say I had a great day, I mean it. Somehow I have been able to dig deep and find what I need to get through this, and get through it enjoying my life as much as possible because it is what I (and my kids) need me to do.


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