Slow cooker success

I bought myself a slow cooker over the holidays, and tried it for the first time yesterday. I decided to make a simple creamy potato soup

-six white potatoes, chopped (I did not peel, I just used thin skin potatoes)

-One sautéed shallot

-6 cups of vegetable broth

-teaspoon of minced garlic

-2 tablespoons nutritional yeast

I popped everything but the nutritional yeast in the slow cooker on high for six hours. 

When I got home I mashed lightly with a potato masher, then put about half of it in the blender with the nutritional yeast. Mixed it altogether and got a mostly creamy slightly chunky potato soup! It required salt but I like to add that after, because my husband is limiting it. For non-vegans, I’m sure this will taste great with some cheese, or bacon!  It was, the nutritional yeast gave it a bit of cheesy flavor, it was yummy and satisfying. I was going to toss a handful of cashews into the blender to make it a bit creamier, but realized too late that we are out of them. It was OK, plenty creamy!




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