Vegan slow cooker lasagna

I decided I wanted to try something new in the slow cooker today, I had a craving for… Lasagna! After looking at a few recipes, I kind of made up my own vegan version!

1. 1/2 package oven ready lasagna  noodles (I obviously used gluten-free, I think this would work well with regular pasta too, just to make some kind of casserole, just soak before layering)
2. 1 jar tomato sauce
3. 1  package firm tofu
4. splash lemon juice
5. 2 tablespoons nutritional yeast
6. salt to taste

1. mash up the tofu, mixing it with the salt, nutritional yeast and the lemon juice until it literally resembles ricotta cheese…and tastes sort of like it too. Set aside.
2. start with a layer of tomato sauce in the slow cooker, then broken up lasagna noodles, then the tofu mix, then more sauce, then do it all over.
3. I had some shredded fake mozzarella cheese, so I topped it with that.
4. Cook on high four hours!

(this would probably also work in the oven, I just did it in the slow cooker because I have one and I wanted to play with it)


(I kept this very simple, obviously you could throw in whatever vegetables you want to, I would probably recommend sautéing them first. I did use a tomato sauce that is full of vegetables, to make up for my   laziness!)


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