Wigged out

My hair ain’t so pretty anymore…my husband has been calling me patchy! I’ll spare you the pictures. 

Yesterday, after my shower I dried my hair with a towel, then my body. Bad idea. I looked like Chewbacca and had to get back in the shower to wash all the hair off my body!!

As I’ve already posted, I’ve been experimenting with scarves and hats a lot. I love wearing hats…scarves a bit less just because they can be hard to get “right”, and slip around sometimes! Also, I feel like a cancer patient in them. Still, I’ve got some nice  ones (even pre-tied for ease and comfort, I wear them at home a lot), so I’ll keep working on it! 

Recently, I’ve been wearing wigs a bit more. This is one of my favorites: it’s a funky style I’d choose for my own hair. The second pic is me dressed up for dinner out with friends (sweater from Aeropostale):


I decided to skip a wig today…my day started at 7:30am (driving to the hospital for pre-chemo blood work) and would end at around 6pm with daycare pick-up and the longest I’ve worn one so far is a couple hours. So I wore a hat. Then I got hot so I  switched to a scarf. Then I went for lunch (Paramount, yum) with a friend and this happened:

Yup. Bought a wig. I’ve bought new outfits at lunch…so…not too weird, right?? I wore it about 5 hours and was okay…but was ready to rip it off my head when I got home!!! 


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