Trying a wig again=failure

I recently got a new wig. I’m pretty sure I will never wear one all the time, but I thought it would be nice to have one that I found comfortable for when I want to wear one. I got the Racquel Welch in Always, and I love the way it looks. I wouldn’t say it’s ridiculously comfortable, but it is definitely the most comfortable wig I have. I also think it’s beautiful!


I took my daughters to the mall for lunch yesterday, and decided to wear the wig. Even though I’ve gotten quite accustomed to going out bald or in hats, I was feeling quite lovely with a head full of hair, enjoying the thought of being out in public with my girls and not being an obvious cancer patient to anybody.

Unfortunately, it only lasted a few minutes. While we were in line at the food court, I inadvertently  scratched that the back of my head, and a woman behind me yelled loudly “What are you scratching your head for”? I turned to her and said quietly “because I’m bald and I’m wearing a wig and it is itchy”.  She was silent and that was that, but the moment was ruined, the feeling of being normal was over. I did not again have a head full of beautiful red hair, I had a bald head covered in an itchy wig. My eyes filled with tears at the  unfairness and humiliation.

I’m not sure what else to say. I’m not sure if I’ll ever wear a wig again.

I guess it’s just a reminder, you never know what the person next to you or in front of you is going through, so be kind always. One sentence from a stranger ruined the first time in weeks that I had felt beautiful and normal.



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