Scarfing it up! 

After hating on scarves for a while, I decided to give then another try. Wigs are clearly not gonna work for me, hats are cute but spring is coming, and although I’m comfortable bald it does get cold and I am still more comfortable with my head covered.

Yesterday was a beautiful spring like day and we were all heading out for lunch. I decided to wear a scarf.

First I tucked it all back:

Then I decided to let both ends hang out of a knot:

Today I decided to wear a scarf again! First a side chignon:

Then at lunch I changed to a large knot with one end hanging out

I must say the look is definitely growing on me! I think at first I did not like the look because I felt like it made me look like an observant Jewish woman. Nothing wrong with being an observant Jew, but I am not one and do not identify as one and do not want to be perceived as one. Somehow, I no longer feel like it looks like I am. Based on the way I dress, it’s just not going to happen!

I also did not like them at first because I felt they were a pain to put on and take off if I wanted to go bald for a while…but I have since discovered that once I have tied the side knot, I can slip it on and off almost as easily as a hat! 

The one hard thing is that it is hard to wear a hat over it, so I guess on cold days that come I will still be wearing a hat, but it is nice to have other options as warmer days are coming!


2 thoughts on “Scarfing it up! 

  1. I so hear you about the orthodox Jewish look and while I am a proud Jew, head scarves were never my thing.
    You look great in the scarves. although I rather like my wig, I can’t wear it around the house and seeing as I’ve been every shade of green and grey since my last chemo a week ago, I’ve been home and my almost bald head is not a look I can endure at this point. So I bought a few pre- tied head scarves (made by Parkhurst) from the wig boutique at PMCC. They are very comfortable and while I refer to myself as Rivka the Observant fortune teller when I wear them, they do the job. Buff head/neck wear is another option. Lots of patterns and colours. They are available at camp connection and good for working out as they are moisture wicking.

    • I may look into the Buffs. I have some pretied scarves and they are easy and comfortable…I hate how they look. I cannot explain it but they make my head look a weird shape lol! I will keep trying, maybe they will grow on me. My favourite thing is a cream Jersey Slouchy hat I got at Claire’s but they only have it in the cream and a light grey that looks awful on me! It is light and comfortable and looks cute, I wish I could find it in other shades.

      I love how my wigs look but I cannot get comfortable in them!

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