No lashes? no problem!

I’ve spent a significant amount of time worrying about what it would be like to lose my eyelashes. I love eyelashes, and the thought of not having them certainly seems strange. 

I have heard that not every woman that goes through chemo loses her eyelashes, so when I still had mine after halfway through my treatment, I started to have hope that maybe I would keep them.

Unfortunately, in the last week I noticed that they were definitely on their way out. Everytime I tried to put on mascara I noticed I was getting more and more mascara on my eyelids due to the bald spots in my lash line. Yesterday was my last day wearing mascara, I realized when I put it on that I was done with it. There were so many bald spots, and the lashes I had were fragile and weak and a lot of them were broken short. 

This morning I actually carefully clipped my eyelashes with nail clippers. I know that seems crazy, but only having three or four long lashes actually looks really weird, and because they are so weak they kept bending and falling into my eyes. 

I have bought some false eyelashes, but I haven’t tried to wear them yet. I’ve never worn them in my life, and they seem daunting. I think I will probably get a lesson at Sephora. 

I have read that eyeliner helps camouflage the loss of eyelashes. Luckily I’m comfortable with make up, so I went to town this morning. 

First I used an all over base, then I used a black liquid eyeliner. I went over the black liquid eye-liner with a charcoal eye-shadow to smudge the line a bit, and then added a bit of definition in the crease with the same charcoal color, and blended well. Added a bit under the lower lashes (which I still have) as well. I have been using this Maybelline palette a lot, and like it.


What do you think? I have to say, I am impressed with how normal it looks. Obviously I would rather have my eyelashes, but I don’t think that is particularly obvious that I don’t, I think my eyes still look pretty and well defined.

I will add that those eyebrows are also almost all false. I do have about half my eyebrows left, but I’ve lost so much and what is left is actually blonde, so when I’m not wearing make up you can’t see them. I’m not really sure why my remaining eyebrows are blonde, because my eyebrows have always been brown, but they are!

For my eyebrows I use a stencil to powder in the shape, and then I use a bit of brown eyebrow wax to colour in some definition. I’m quite quick at them now! I use this compact by BH cosmetics.



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