Meat eating 

 I don’t talk much about my decision to become vegetarian, and then vegan, because there are many people in my life that choose to eat meat and I love them and do not think there are bad people, including my youngest child and my husband.

However I have to say the longer I go without eating animals and animal products, and the more I learn about the way these animals are treated, the harder it is to accept the eating meat is so much a part of our society. Every day when I’m on Facebook and scrolling, I see pictures of people glorifying meat meals and meat recipes and recipes using eggs and dairy (which are horrible industries) and I just find it more and more upsetting how people that consider themselves to be loving and compassionate do not care about eating dead animals or eating something that directly comes from the torture and abuse of animals.

I guess one could say I’m a hypocrite, because I did eat meat for many years, and only stopped having dairy and eggs recently and do still buy these products for my family (however I also use a lot of alternatives and when I’m cooking for my family I generally use those). I still use the leather products I own, however I haven’t bought them in a long time and the recent booties I bought were not leather. In my opinion when you know better you do better, and less is more than nothing.

I don’t really know why am posting this, I certainly know I’m not going to change anybody, people that are not vegetarian or vegan just do not look at animals the way I do, they assume that they are there is for us to eat and enjoy and they are not people and that is that. I get that, I really do, so I guess I’m just venting because this is my blog and I can say what I want! I’m starting to hide some people on Facebook that are constantly posting about meat, and considering leaving some recipe groups because I find it so upsetting. When I see the word meat and pictures of, all I think is “dead animal” I find it horribly upsetting, especially from people that the same day will post pictures of cute little animals and talk about how much they love them.



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