Musing about Facebook posts 


Once again, while innocently scrolling through Facebook I wonder exactly what people are thinking when they post things, if they are even realizing that they are posting things publicly to a diverse group of people with diverse life circumstances. I just saw someone post this and I have to say as a woman without a sister, I found it rather offensive. I’m sure the poster didn’t mean it to be, she was just showing appreciation for the relationship she has with her sister, but I don’t know why it has to put down the lives of those without (or tragically, those who have lost) sisters. Although I’m certain it would be nice to have a sister, it’s also something I have no control over, I don’t think my parents had a lot of control over it either. On the short (but serious!) list of things in my life that are difficult to endure, not having a sister is actually pretty non-existent. I get through life without a sister just fine thank you.  

Before people accuse me of being too easily offended, I will add that there is a difference between finding something offensive and being offended. I was not personally offended nor was I angry, however I did find the picture to be offensive in nature, and wonder when people post things like this if they were thinking about the impact it could potential the have on others? I love so many things about Facebook, but one thing I do not love about it is the platform for insensitivity that it provides. I like to provide for food for thought in this regard, because it is an interest of mine and I think we would probably be an awful lot happier if we were all a bit more thoughtful about what we put out there for all the people we consider “friends” to see…including myself.


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