Wig again

On Monday I returned to my permanent position at work, after a six-month contract. Even though everybody there knows what’s going on with me and that I’m bald, and I’ve actually seen all of them because my contract position had me at every department, I decided to try wearing a wig again in honour of the change and spring (because hats are starting to look weird and I like but don’t love scarfs). Not to hide anything, just to like how I look a bit more.

I wore it all day yesterday and today, and it was OK! Here’s a funny picture of that I took in the car on the way to work today :


and here’s a selfie with the wig (the back is blond):

I cannot really confidently go bald much anymore. I’m growing stubble! It’s a good thing but looks silly! I’m hoping by summer I’ll have enough hair to sport a short cut, but in the meantime I’ll keep trying to get comfy in wigs, and work on scarves as well. I find pre-tied scarves the most comfortable (if I tie regular ones myself they look nice, but feel like a headband! The pre-tied are soft and stretchy) so I ordered some pretty new ones for no-wig days!! 


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