That’s a wrap

Last chemo today!!!!

It’s a bittersweet feeling. Of course I’m glad to be done chemo (which sucks) but I’ve been trying to take this step by step. Since January 6 I’ve gotten very used to this step. Moving forward to my next steps of treatment and the unknown physical and emotional (and logistical) challenges they will bring is certainly frightening!

Oh well…today is for celebrating. I can start worrying tomorrow (and feeling like crap Thursday and Friday and into the weekend!)

I gave a lot of thought to whether or not I would ring the bell…trying to be sensitive to those in the chemo clinic who may never get to ring the bell, or too early on in chemo to feel like they will ever get there. I was sorta planning to skip it, and buy a bell to ring at home with my kid’s later.

In the end, the nurses surrounded me and rang the bell, before I had a chance to ask them not to. I hope nobody was upset by it! 


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