8 minute makeover 

Although I haven’t shied away from showing pictures of myself bald, one thing I have never shared is a picture of myself without make-up on since starting chemo. I’m not sure why, I guess because I feel like I look pretty hideous! No eyebrows, no eyelashes, bad skin. But I try to be real here, so here is what chemo really looks like, and how I fix it.

Today I took a picture before and after I did my make-up. I also timed my make-up routine, eight minutes. Now I am never one to say that somebody needs to wear make up, people should look the way they feel comfortable…but sometimes when people find out I wear make up every day (although I am not as anal about it when I have hair!) they say that they want to but don’t have time for that. I say that if somebody likes the way they look with make-up more, they can find 8 minutes! I’m certainly glad that I do, because even without chemo I prefer my appearance with make up. During (and shortly after ) chemo, it’s a necessity to me!


1: moisturizer and BB cream 

2: Eye primer 

3-4: draw on brows (this originally took me about 5 minutes, now it takes me 1.5-2 minutes to draw on both browswith a pencil)

5-7: eyeliner and eyeshadow (2 colours, lid and crease, blend)

8: dust face with powder, quick blush on the cheeks, lipgloss

Bonus: smile 


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