what do gluten intolerant vegans even eat???

Whenever I tell someone I am both vegan and gluten intolerant, they look at me like I am mad and ask what I eat.

So, I decided to list everything (except basic fruits and veggies and salads, because that is obvious-I want to share the variety of other foods available to me. I eat loads of fruits, some veggies and a salad-either as a side or for lunch- everyday) I ate in the past week!

(this is not a food diary, just a list…some of these things I ate several times, others only once)

-protein shake with protein powder, peanut butter, almond milk, and a banana

-oatmeal with almond milk and maple syrup

-pasta salad with quinoa pasta, chickpeas and vegan Caesar dressing

peanut butter cookie dough bites

-roasted potatoes

peanut tofu

-lentils, rice and caramelized onions with a scoop of hummus

-fake chicken scaloppini sandwich on gluten free bread with vegan chipolte mayonnaise

-chewy cashew bar

-coconut milk sugar free chocolate frozen dessert

-kale and quinoa patties

Lentil soup

fried rice with fake ground beef bulgogi


-tomato and herb rice

-corn chips and salsa

-baked potato and salsa

-gluten free vegan pizza

-gluten free vegan grilled cheese sandwich





2 thoughts on “what do gluten intolerant vegans even eat???

  1. I’m curious what corn chops are…. are they like lamb chops or pork chops but made from corn??
    I have started using almond milk too. it’s vile on its own but not too bad in cereal or in smoothies!

    • It was an error…I meant corn chips (however in the States they do have a vegetarian brand of meat replacement called Quorn that is corn based I believe).

      I haven’t drank milk plain in years, so i don’t drink Almond milk plain either. I like it in smoothies though. I have heard that Cashew milk is good plain. I haven’t tried it plain, I’ve used it in smoothies though (I buy cashew or almond unsweetened, whichever is on sale)

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