New bag! No animals required…

Even before going vegan, I was starting to question my practice of wearing leather and beginning to explore alternatives

Since I now do consider myself vegan, I feel that it is not OK for me to buy leather. I am still wearing what I have, but have not buying anything new, and am replacing old shoes and bags with vegan alternatives. A couple months ago I actually bought a pair of leather black booties on Amazon, I felt so guilty that I returned them, and found a pair of imitation suede ones instead!

About a week ago my favourite little black handbag fell apart, the strap broke. I decided I needed to replace it with something non-leather.

The old bag (Leibeskind) : 

I was planning to look for something small and black, but I ended up finding this small and white. I figure that’s OK because summer is coming, and I just fell in love with this little $50 bag from Aldo:

A friend of mine has the below little white handbag, it is by Mackage and I’m sure it’s both expensive (I just found it, about $500 USD!) and leather, but it always catches my eye. I wasn’t specifically looking for something with a similar look, but since I’ve always loved my friend’s bag, when I came across something with a somewhat similar style I couldn’t resist.

In an interesting update, afterwords I took my little black  bag to the shoe repair to see if it could be fixed. Turns out it could be, it took $12 and a new buckle! Since it didn’t take any animal parts to repair it, so I did that as well.


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