New handbag, animal free

After getting my little white bag and loving the fresh look of a light coloured handbag, I decided I needed a bigger one in a similar color.

After persusing some stores that I know carry some nice vegan brands, I headed back to Aldo.

I found this bag and just love it. it was on sale for $49 and I had a 20% off coupon code, so it was also super affordable!


It’s so strange that after years of only buying higher end handbags, I have taken to shopping at Aldo! Of course Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau has a handbag from there, that she wore to visit the Obamas, so if it’s good enough for her I’m sure it’s good enough for me! I’ve got nobody to impress with brand names, however I will say that my new handbags have gotten loads of compliments, both the little one and the larger one! So if I am trying to impress somebody with my handbags, it appears that I don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to do so. If somebody is interested in buying higher and vegan handbags (which I am sure I will do at some point), I recommend looking at Matt and Nat (Town Shoes and Capezio and online at Indigo), Danielle Nicole (HR2), Big Buddha (Amazon) and, for those that can afford to drop at least $1000, Stella McCartney (drool! No clue whete to find them but I love them, Holts perhaps?).


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