Summer pet peeves 

This post is probably going to seem a bit bitchy, don’t care. My blog. My perogative.

Summer seems to always bring out behaviour that irks me, I have pet peeves that are pretty well exclusive to summer. Here are some of them:

1. Bragging. For some reason people that have a lot more money than us like to brag about it in the summer; posting nonstop on Facebook about the cottages, boats, pools, luxery vacations, expensive concert tickets. Far be it from me to say that people should never share the good times, but it takes a certain lack of insight, and level of narcissism, to literally be posting daily about how great your life is and how privileged you are, without recognizing (or caring) how it might impact on those with far less. 

2. Tan. I absolutely hate tans. When I was young I hated them because I was jealous of them, I am very pale and could never tan. As I got older I started to hate them because I thought they were stupid. I hated when people would tell me that I needed a tan, I hated the thought that my skin the colour I was born with wasn’t good enough or healthy enough looking. Eventually I discovered that someone I had been close to in university had died of melanoma, then I started hating tans because I know they can cause cancer. Now that I have had cancer, I hate them even more. I hate them almost as much as I hate smoking. I hate seeing people do something to themselves that could cause cancer, when as far as I know my cancer is a result of nothing that I knowingly did to myself, and I would do anything to avoid this hell. Even more than hating tans, I hate when people complement people on their tans. To me it’s like complimenting someone on smoking. It’s positively enforcing an activity that is proven to be physically unhealthy. When someone comes back from vacation with a tan and I hear everyone talking about how great it is, I have to hold back from being very very rude. 

3.  Barbecue. I hate seeing pictures of barbecued meat, I know that makes me a hypocrite because during my meat eating days I probably posted it sometimes, but I don’t eat meat anymore and seeing pictures of it is upsetting. All I can think of is that it’s a dead animal, and people are eating it. Of course people post pictures of meat meals all the time, but it happens more in the summer, because barbeque! Oddly, actually seeing people eat meat doesn’t bother me as much as scrolling through Facebook having to look at pictures of it. I’m not sure why, maybe because I’m more prepared for when I’m going out with people that I know eat meat, but scrolling through Facebook innocently and suddenly being confronted by a picture of a dead animal really disturbs me. 


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