Need brows? 

I am happy to say that both my eyelashes and eyebrows have returned! Looking in the mirror and seeing my eyelashes makes me so happy. As for my brows, it is nice to no longer have to draw them on, but also a bit difficult to get used to their natural shape and colour after having them how I drew them (usually darker and with a more defined arch) for months. When they first grew back I was still colouring them in with a pencil or powder, but I quickly got tired of doing that. Also it feels like a “cancer thing” that I don’t want to do!

In the past, I’ve always used clear mascara to give my eyebrows definition. I decided to try a coloured product made for this purpose. I looked at favourite low end cruelty brand of mine, Essence, and picked up Make me Brow eyebrow gel mascara in soft browny.

I love this stuff! I comb my eyebrows with it just like I always did with clear mascara, and it does a good job making them a tiny bit thicker and darker. It’s not dramatic, but it’s a nice improvement on my natural brows. I would recommend this product to anybody looking for some minor brow enhancement!

the brow on the left has it


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