A few treats to share!

Doomies! A few weeks ago Adam and I hit this vegan hot spot in the parkdale area of Toronto. Not much gluten free, but loads of vegan goodness. I had the pulled pork nachos. I’ve never had pulled pork so I cannot speak to the authenticity of the “meat”, but I can say I loved it! Adam enjoyed his veggie burger.

Sorelle and Co! This is a new local vegan gluten free allergen free bakery and Cafe. I love that I can eat anything here and the shoppe is gorgeous with pleasant helpful staff. Lotte and I stopped there over last weekend and grabbed some take out treats: berry scone, chocolate crinkle cookie, tiramisu cup and challah. The crinkle cookie was too sweet and chewy and the tiramisu was like flavourless jello, but the scone was delicious as was the challah (it does not taste like traditional challah but is a great gluten free vegan bread!). They have a lunch menu full of soups, salads and sandwiches I hope to try out soon.

*note-if you’re getting takeout, they over package everything. Next time I will remember to ask for less, I brought home a lot of garbage! They put tissue paper in the bag like it was a gift, and also put the plastic bag the bread was in into a paper bag for no reason. It was pretty but wasteful and unnecessary.

SOL chickpea sweet potato burgers! My new favourite veggie burger!


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