Haircut after chemo

Yesterday I got my first haircut since losing my hair. My hair was certainly nowhere near long yet, but the sides and back were getting very straggly and hard to control (even with a ridiculous amount of gel), and I have read the best way to grow out hair is to keep the sides and back shorter and grow the top until its a pixie and then a bob.

My haircut yesterday was a very emotional experience, the same stylist that shaved my hair for chemo cut it for me yesterday, and it was wonderful to feel like I finally had enough hair to need a trim, but also very saddening to watch my hair being cut off when it is already so much shorter than I want it to be. I cannot wait until it is at least chin length, so seeing any of my precious hair falling to the floor was heartbreaking and I teared up a bit.

I have a love-hate relationship with having short-hair. I will say that it is nice and convenient, especially for exercise, and everybody says it looks great on me (and I don’t think it looks bad at all). I kind of like that because I don’t want to look at hideous, but I also kind of hate it because I still don’t want to have short hair, and it feels like some people actually like it more or think I should keep it this way! I have absolutely no intention of keeping my hair short, even if I like the way it looks and decide to have short-hair at some point, it will be on my terms not cancer’s!

The other thing about my current hair is that I don’t feel like it suits my personality. Perhaps when it grows to a bit of a pixie it will, but right now it looks very severe and no-nonsense… which is not me at all!

Anyways, here is a picture from a week ago and yesterday right after the trim:

My short-term goal is to have bangs long enough for it to look more like a pixie: 

*For anybody that got here by googling chemotherapy and hair or something like that, I am currently about four months past final chemo. 


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