Breaking my own rule

In the past, I have always been very averse to buying imitation designer goods. It’s my opinion that if I cannot afford the original, then I should just buy something different that I can afford. There is just something unappealing to me about using fake items, it seems even worse than conspicuous consumption, because it’s impressing people with something you don’t even truly own. I also don’t think it is fair to the designers. 

Recently, I broke my rule. 

I have been eyeing Stella McCartney’s Fabella shaggy deer bag forever (I’m sure I’ve posted about it, but cannot find it!). The brand is not particularly impressive to me, I don’t really even know anybody that wears Stella McCartney, so it has nothing to do with that. I simply love the way the bag looks!

I had only seen it online until a few months ago, when I saw someone carrying one in person. I loved it even more! Of course I have no idea if the one I saw was real or not, but I took a closer look at it online, at least $1200 USD, obviously not happening! 

So, after a lot of searching online, I decided to purchase an imitation on Aliexpress. 

I really love it. I hope nobody asks me if it’s real or identifies the brand to me, but if they do I guess I will just be honest and say “I love the way the bag looks so much that I bought an imitation” and not care what anybody thinks about that. Except Stella McCartney, I guess I feel kind of guilty for her. If I’m ever in a position to spend that much money on a bag, I will make it up to her, both because I love her bags and because they are all vegan! 


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