Sometimes, the cheaper the better

I wore a green tunic with black leggings and a black camisole today, and got 1 billion compliments! I couldn’t believe how many people complimented my outfit, because I thought it was pretty simple: 

I purposely cut off the top of my head because my hair sticks up so much!

The leggings are old navy athletic compression leggings. These are my very favourite leggings! They are thick and warm, very opaque, and really flattering. I have both Lululemon and TNA leggings, so it’s not a money issue…but I reach for these more often because they are the best!

As for the dress, it was $4 at urban planet! Whole zoë was in the fitting room, I was flipping through a clearance rack that was 60% off the lowest price…and came across this tunic with a lowest price of $10! I tried it on expecting it to be a bad fit, but ended up liking it and went with it. I guess it was a good choice! 


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