About an election

The American presidential election was a few nights ago, I was quite distraught when Donald Trump won. I’m sure that anybody that knows me knows that I would never ever be Republican if I lived in the states. Although I don’t necessarily disagree with all the republican economic policies, I could never be socially conservative. I believe in the rights of all people. I believe in the rights of women to control their own bodies and not continue pregnancies that they do not believe are in their best interests. I believe in the rights of men and women to decide who to love and who to marry, and even what gender to be. I believe that people of all races and religions should be equally respected in the country they live in, whether they are there by birth or immigration. I believe women deserve an equal place in politics and business as men including pay equity. I believe everybody has a right to affordable healthcare. 

But my distress with Trump winning go so much further than him being a Republican, that’s happened before and although I haven’t been thrilled about it it’s never upset me the way this has.

I understand there are different parties for a reason, different people have different prioroties and beliefs. There is obviously no hard fast “right” and “wrong” in politics. If that was the case there would be no need for the democracy. 

Trump’s victory upsets me because of the things he has said and the way he has presented himself. If I agreed with every single policy on his (very limited) platform, I would still be upset that he won. If he was a Democrat, I would still be upset that he won.

He is a person that is extremely sexist, he has bragged about grabbing women without their consent and insulted women based on their appearance and weight because he didn’t like what they had to say. As a woman, as a mother, this sickens me. I try to bring up my daughters to believe that they have rights, that consent is on their side, but nobody has the right to hurt them or deny their consent, and that whether or not they choose to be “into” their appearances there are so many things about them that are so much more important and how they look is not who they are. Trump winning has shown me and my daughters that those lessons may not be true; that a man that does not believe those things is not only held on accountable for his actions, but can become president of the United States. 

Some will say that Hillary has done just as badly, all I can say is that I have researched her carefully and I simply do not believe that is true. Yes she has received money from countries where there is a lot of sexism and patriarchy, but there’s a lot of sexism in most nations. Yes she once defended a rapist, based on the information I have read she was forced to take the case and very much did not want to. I’ve also listened to the interview where she supposedly laughed at the rape, and my interpretation has been that she left rather sarcastically at the fact that he was able to be a lie detector test, not at what he did. Other people may interpret things differently, but that is mine. 

Anyway, as a Canadian election certainly won’t impact me as much it was it will impact of those in the states.  I am not and never have been the kind of person that only cares about things that impact me. Although I certainly acknowledge my privilege as a white middle-class heterosexual cis-female… I refuse to use it to not care about those that do not have the same privilege.


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