The final countdown

I’m in my final countdown to the last step I have to take to be done my cancer treatment, except for daily anti-hormonal medication, and go on with my life

I met with a gynecologist on Monday, and have booked a surgery for February 7th, when both my ovaries and my Fallopian tubes will be removed, hopefully by laparoscopy (this is the plan and she said she very rarely has to change to full incision). 

Since I learned that my cancer grew on estrogen, I’ve known that this is something that I would have to look into….since ovarian suppression significantly reduces my risk of recurrence. 

I started monthly shots that put me into chemical menopause in September.  If I was having a really hard time with medical menopause then maybe I would choose not to do ovary suppression/removal, but since I’m doing OK it’s best to keep it up. 

I’ve been in menopause since March when chemo stopped my period, and I really don’t care because I don’t want more children and I am managing the symptoms OK…however it is still weird and somewhat upsetting to think that I’m going to be surgically and completely done. 

However, I bet by the time most of my friends start dealing with menopause I will be very relieved that I’m long past it! But right now, it is still scary to think of another surgery, and parts of me actually being removed. I’m also not thrilled to have to take some downtime, because I’m really trying hard to be fit and active and get strong again. But it seems like the sooner I can have the surgery the better, because I’m really not enjoying monthly shots in the belly, plus the surgery is considered more effective at reducing my risk of recurrence (and ovarian and uterine cancer) then the shots. 

If this cancer comes back, I am going to be pissed the fuck off!

In other cancer related news, I’m not enjoying my hair and don’t know what to do with it! I’m really struggling with this. I’m trying to grow my hair out as I love it with some more length, but it is very slow and difficult (everybody is asking me if my hair is supposed to grow this slowly, how do I know, I’ve never had chemo before?), I hate that I can’t trim it because it gets so messy and weird looking when it grows a little (like now!), but if I keep trimming it it’s never going to grow. A part of me is tempted to get it cut and keep it short, because I do think that it looks nice and I can “pull it off”. But I still like having longer hair and want my hair back, especially considering how it got so short. 

I hate the little sticking out pieces


2 thoughts on “The final countdown

  1. You look great. I’m in the exact same position with my hair, stopped wearing my wig about three weeks ago…and I too have one more surgery to go. Best of luck!

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