Pretty new pretty makers 

Physicians Formula Eye booster two-in-one boosting eyeliner and serum is supposed to make my eyelashes look and eventually grow thicker and stronger. I’m not sure if they’ve actually changed, but I love the eyeliner. The tip is not too firm (ouch) or too soft (messy), and makes a perfect smooth and quick drying line. It’s the first liquid eyeliner I’ve really enjoyed and used regularly.

Teeez desert metals mascara came to me as a prize, and I love it. My lashes look longer and full, well-defined, it dries quickly and lasts all day without smudging or flaking.

liner and mascara

The W7 Cheeky trio (from Amazon but I’ve seen it at Winners) is meant to be a blush, highlighter, and bronzer set. I do use the blush and love it; a nice peachy pink that isn’t too shimmery. But my favourite thing about this set is how great it is for natural every day eyes! I use the highlighter all over, the bronzer in the crease, and the blush lightly from the inside corner across the lid. The colours are well pigmented and find easily, and this makes a perfect neutral every day eyeshadow! Here is a picture with this product used on my eyes, as well as the blush on my cheeks:

I’m naked!


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