On with it…a new year!!

I don’t think I really had any New Year’s resolutions for 2016, since I knew that I was starting chemotherapy on January 6

In spite of 2016 being a pretty rough year, I’ve definitely had some accomplishments I am proud of!

1. I completed an eight month contract at work, working right through chemotherapy, and loved it. I guess I did a good job because I got loads of positive feedback, and an excellent evaluation. 

2. I made it through cancer treatment with very little weight gain, and have already lost whatever I did gain in spite of being thrown into early menopause. For anyone new to my blog I know this seems weird, it seems like one would expect to lose weight during chemo, but a lot of women gain weight during breast cancer treatment due to the steroids, less activity, hormonal changes, stress, etc. I am very happy that I have managed to continue maintaining the weight I lost in 2010 (with some ups and downs, but nothing that has changed my clothing size which is how I measure successful maintenance!). 

3. Adam and I took our first ever vacation without the kids (since having them). I don’t know if that’s exactly my accomplishment but it’s something we’ve never done before, and I’m glad we did. 

As for 2017, I’ve got a couple high hopes for myself:

1. I want to get back to the level of strength and fitness I had before I got sick. I’m hoping to run Sporting Life 10K in May, probably won’t be at my normal because I’m having that surgery in early February, but I just want to do it. I’m hoping by the end of the fall to do a 5 or 10K at my usual time. I also want to get back to my usual yoga practice.

2. I want to get rid of all the clutter in my house, I think I have to hire one of those bins and throw out a bunch of stuff.


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