The cold shoulder

Two things I have noticed are in fashion this winter that I don’t really understand or cold shoulder tops, and short boots. 

Of course short boots have been in for a while, but I noticed the other day at the mall that loads of women were wearing them… generally I notice them in the spring and fall, but in the winter high boots rule. That seems to be changing, particularly when there isn’t a lot of snow. 

Tops with cut out shoulders have been a thing for a while now, but mostly in the warmer seasons. This fall and winter I’ve noticed that they are still in, that seems weird to me because…winter. 

Tonight we went out for dinner to celebrate my mother’s birthday, I decided I may as well rock what’s in, in spite of the cold weather. 

(The leggings are fake leather, from Dynamite. A friend of mine has a pair like these from Aritzia she wears often, I always like the way they look so I decided to get a more affordable alternative for myself. Love them!) 


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