Pixie time

A few weeks ago I realized my hair was finally long enough to have some curls. I was thrilled by this, as they seem to be similar to the big loose curls I had before.

This is okay

However, after a while I realized styling short curly hair is very difficult. There is nothing to weight it down, it’s hard to control the direction of the curls. Hats ruined it. It just wasn’t working.

This looks like crap

So I gave up and started wearing it straight again. My bangs are finally long enough that I don’t look like the Frankenstein monster when I wear them over my forehead.

I’ve spent the weekend reading up on Pixie styling, I think I am getting there:

Lipstick is NYX Lingerie in Lipli…love it!

* I never thought I would say this, but I have to admit I am very tempted to go to a good hairdresser, get it trimmed, and get them to teach me how to properly style and keep a pixie!
In other news, can I rock a zebra handbag or what?


One thought on “Pixie time

  1. I love your hair. I saw a picture the other day of you and was thinking how good it looked. I think you’re doing a great job styling it. And you definitely can rock the zebra handbag!

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