Under-eye angst

With the insomnia that I have already talked about, come darker spots under my eyes. I also feel like I look a bit wrinklier under there! I’ve never been one to use concealer except on the occasional spot, but recently I’ve started to realize that I need a good under eye concealer.

So, I piled up my points and went to shoppers. I started at the beauty boutique and got some help, after trying every high-end concealer they had I ended up with Boiing by Benifit. It looked good when I first applied, but I wasn’t really happy with it. By the end of the day I felt like it was caked into my lines and made me look worse!

So I did some research, and went back to Shoppers. This time I avoided the high-end stuff, and went straight for the Maybelline rack. I grabbed the Instant Age Rewind that had very high reviews all over the Internet:

I am much happier with this product! Any other suggestions for an awesome under-eye concealer?


2 thoughts on “Under-eye angst

  1. If you manage to pile up some more points, I really like the Christian Dior “diorskin star” I’ve also tried many products and love this one the most.

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