Spring style 

Loving my style this spring! 

Sharing three outfits I felts great in! All 3 tops are from Winners! 

The black ankle length pants are from the gap (I love these pants so much, they are very well fitting and flattering. I also have a patterned pair), the white jeans are from Old Navy (I wasn’t sure if I would like wearing white jeans or not, so I started out with a very cheap pair, I think I need to buy a nicer one!), and at the black skirt is from Suzy Shier. 

Also going to share a recent headshot, to highlight two things!

1. Eyebrows! I recently got them coloured and I love them so much. I’m lucky that my eyebrows grow back after chemotherapy, however they grew back much lighter in colour than they used to be, and since I keep my hair dark, I had to colour them in every day. That worked out better some days than others. I’m really enjoying being able to just let them be. 

2. My new lipgloss, it was a splurge with shoppers optimum points, and I love it! Not only doesn’t look great, but it feels and smells great too. 


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