Recent tasty eats 

I love sharing lots of tasty meals and treats, showing that vegan and gluten free eating doesn’t have to be un-enjoyable! Eating out can sometimes be a challenge…but there are loads of amazing recipes out there to make at home, and even out of the home there are usually options. Although sometimes (not always)it takes a bit more work…I can honestly say I enjoy food and eating now as much as ever! Although I a the only one in the family who is both vegan and gluten intolerant…about 80% of the time they eat what I do (occasionally if I have leftovers for myself I will make something with dairy or eggs or gluten for them) and there are no complaints!

Avocado pasta from Oh She glows

Chickpea quiche from Trinity’s Conscious Kitchen (I mixed up the veggies a bit)

Sweet potato risotto from Health Voyager

Berry crisp from Minimalist Baker (I used strawberries, raspberries and blueberries)

Kimchi Fried rice (my own recipe- a cup of vegan kimchi with a pile of basmati rice, added crumbled tofu seasoned with nutritional yeast and Indian black salt. Pan fried in cooking spray with a splash of sesame oil and topped with roasted sesame seeds

Since I was downtown last week, I decided to stop for lunch at Hogtown vegan, where I indulged in the delicious nachos!


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