Little blue bears

I know, I said recently that I decided to own my short hair, and give up on growing it. However I also reserved to the right to change my mind, which I think I’ve done! I had this moment of realizatian that if I’d never trimmed my hair, it would probably already be to my chin! I love my hair to my chin!

Since they say hair grows faster in the summer, I decided to take this summer and try to grow it out. The last time I cut it was sometime in April or May, and I’ve committed myself to not touching it with a pair of scissors until after September. 

It’s a bit hard right now, because it’s very messy, and I would love to do some mullet repair and fix the sides that stick out like a mushroom. Headbands would probably help, but unfortunately they tend to give me headaches!  

I’ve decided I might as well go all in, so I purchased a three month supply of the highly reviewed Kardashian endorsed sugar bear hair vitamins!

I’ve only tried them for two days, so far all I can say is that they taste good!


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